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The Mid Morning Dump: Twitter Goes Crazy Over Wave

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Busy weekend with the Hoks on twitter, the NFL draft took place, and more.

UNDRAFTED?! Allen Lazard somehow went undrafted in the NFL draft, but ended up signing with the Jaguars.

AMERICA’S TEAM Three former Cyclones signed with the Dallas Cowboys as undrafted free agents. A couple others found landing spots too.

NO COMBINE Lindell Wigginton was not invited to the NBA Combine in May.

LEBRAAAN JAMES In game 7, Lebron dropped 45 points to beat the Pacers. He also left a fan hanging.

HR INTO GARBAGE CAN Yoenis Cespedes hit one of the craziest homeruns you will ever see.

CONTROVERSY The closing seconds of the OKC-Utah series ended in a very questionable no call.

HOF OUT Jason Witten announced that his legendary career is coming to an end, he will take over the Monday Night Football analyst position.

WAVE DRAMA Twitter was ablaze yesterday over The Wave. Rodrigo Koxa rode the largest wave ever surfed back in November near Nazare, Portugal, topping out at almost 80 feet tall.