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Introducing Back40Cyclone, Our Newest Writer!

Please boo and hiss accordingly.

Looking back at my sixth grade orientation booklet that was given to all of my future classmates that described each one of us, I don’t recall my career goals as being “a Wide Right & Natty Light contributor”. I recall I wanted to be a professional baseball player and a famous singer. Well... I rode the pine in pony league and I sing in a bar-band with family groupies. To say that our career aspiration goals and priorities don’t change, would be a lie. As a member of WRNL for a few years now, I am excited to join the elites and make a difference in your life as a Cyclone faithful. At my class reunion this summer, I will be sure to point out how successful I have become.

My name is Back40Cyclone. I am a life long Cyclone fan and alumni of Iowa State University. I have a strong passion for anything Iowa State Cyclones and being surrounded by others like me. I have done the Curtiss to Beardshear run, skinny dipped in Lake LaVerne, rushed Jack Trice and Hilton Coliseum, VEISHEA’d, painted my belly in cardinal and gold, had a drink or 10 on Welch Ave., and am a lifetime Alumni member. I also like beer, mixed drinks, every genre of music, hamburgers and french fries, agriculture, and long boat rides on the lake. I enjoy tailgating in my ISU bib overalls and flying my lucky game day flags.

I come from a father who went to Iowa State and a mother who went to Iowa. They are divorced. And we used to live in a van down by the river! Luckily I was directed properly, as I was raised a Cyclone. I spent many football game days on the hill side as a youngster rolling around and playing “amazing catches”. There was nothing like leaving Hilton with a gentle snowfall and intently listening to John Walters with the game recap on the way home with my father and brother. I attended ISU and didn’t want to graduate, but I had to. I achieved a lifetime goal of mine by becoming Cy for the Admissions Department during my college years. My greatest memories of my life are in Ames. My Cyclone passion continues on Saturdays in the fall, throughout basketball season, on WRNL, and onto my family.

I may be biased, but being a Cyclone fan is the best thing a person can be, besides being Guy Fieri. As a fan base, we have endured a lot. We have seen tremendous success but also have been drug through the mud on sharp rocks. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a Cyclone and happy to be a part of WRNL. We are resilient, thankful, self-motivated, and passionate.

I am just like you. I love the Cyclones. Always have, always will, for ever and ever. Loyal Sons Forever True.

- Back40Cyclone