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The Mid Morning Dump: The Tradition Unlike Any Other

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Big weekend in Augusta and happy Spring Game Week!!

CROOTIN’ Clones pick up another class of ‘19 recruit, Vonzeil Kelley.

38-31 Iowa State softball couldn’t knock off #2 Oklahoma, this is a good time to remind of you of the football score.

CLONES IN PARIS Former Iowa State runner Betsy Saina won the Paris Marathon.

OH EJIM Cyclone legend, Melvin Ejim, threw down a nasty dunk in Russia.

PATRICK REED? He didn’t play out of his mind on Sunday, but it got the job done. Reed took home his first green jacket after winning by one stroke.

GAME OF THE YEAR Lebron and Philly went back and forth on Friday night, catch the highlights here.

JAPANESE BABE RUTH Shonhei Ohtani threw a perfect game through seven innings, he has also hit a homerun in three STRAIGHT games.

FOR THE CUP The NHL regular season wrapped up this weekend, the bracket is set for the playoffs.

JOHNNY FOOTBALL?? Some teams think Johnny Manizel’s potential is “through the roof.” Huh?