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The Mid-Morning Dump: Vegas is Winning the Stanley Edition

Welcome to hot takes station!

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US OPEN. Gomez and Gremmel won titles at the U.S. Open of wrestling this weekend.

CHAMP X2. Senior Jhoa Luque has repeated as Drake Relays champion for long jump.

30TH OVERALL. The mothership has David Montgomery going that high in next year’s mock draft.

3 HOMERS. Iowa Cubs infielder Mike Freeman hit 3 home runs last night, hear his thoughts here.

THRILLER The Las Vegas Golden Knights took down San Jose in yet another overtime thriller in the always entertaining Stanley Cup Playoffs.

LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. A piece from the mothership chronicling the 21 straight L’s by the Orioles in 1988.

POOR PUPPO. The Philly Phanatic put a h**kin’ spook in this pug. 0/10.