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WRNL Podcast Special Feature: Interview with Royce White

We sat down with the always thoughtful and deep thinking Royce White for one of our best ever interviews.

Ever since breaking onto the college basketball scene in the 2011-2012 season, Royce White has been a vocal advocate for those who suffer from mental illness. After being drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2012, White continued to advocate for mental illness, much to the chagrin of some in various NBA front offices. Even after leaving the NBA and playing multiple seasons in Canada, Royce has consistently maintained his position that the NBA needs to see consistent mental health reform within the league not just for players, but for coach’s and anybody else involved in the league. ESPN then filmed and aired a special piece on Royce, which aired on 5/8/18, about his journey through college, the NBA, and the Canadian Basketball League.

Royce has always been a deep thinker, and is happy to share his view of the world around him, as well as details about his own battle with anxiety, to anyone that wants to have an honest conversation. So, naturally, we wanted to sit down and talk about mental illness on a personal level, and how it fits into the larger picture. We discussed Royce’s battle with mental illness, the role sports and music play in contributing to and/or treating mental illness, and his thoughts on various players from this most recent golden era of Cyclone basketball.

We know long podcasts can sometimes be difficult to find time to listen to, but if you can find time to listen to this one, you’ll be glad you did.