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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 3: Rule Changes

Levi, Marchie, and Cole discussed the new NCAA uniform rules, and what other rule changes we’d like to see.

Recently, the NCAA released a new set of rule changes regarding college football uniforms, including forcing players to wear knee pads over their knees and not allowing a shirt to hang out of the bottom of their jersey. The uniform rule changes seem to be universally disliked by everyone, including our resident football players, Marchie Murdock and Cole Netten.

Marchie and Levi also discussed some rule changes we’d like to see in other sports, including one of the greatest ideas ever for ending a football game that’s tied after the first overtime.

What rule changes do you want to see in your favorite sport? Any rule changes you’ve hated and want to change back? Let us know in the comments!