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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: 2002 Humanitarian Bowl VI

Our first bowl game that takes place on an opponent’s home turf ends the 2002 season with Cyclone fans feeling tertiary blue.


Welcome to another part of our ongoing “100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before they Die” series.

While typing this article, I reached out to former Cyclone Tony Yelk to get some thoughts about the game.

What memories do you have from the battle on the blue?

Seneca Wallace at practice before the 2002 Humanitarian Bowl

Yelk: The grounds crew had to remove dead birds from the field before we practiced the first time. Apparently it is an issue... birds think it’s water.

I always thought that was an urban legend. Probably not a good sign when your mascot is also a bird.

Yelk: Nope. Proved to be our demise....

How did it feel playing a bowl game that felt more like a true road game? I know some of the guys this year were excited for another challenge.

Yelk: I echo their sentiment. ISU fans in Jack Trice are awesome, but internally the ability to stay together and win a game on the road, in a hostile environment, is a great feeling. When guys can stay focused with deafening crowd noise and produce, it’s a pretty cool thing.

About 90 minutes before our “Battle on the Blue” in 2002, word came out via Tom Kroeschell that both of our safeties JaMaine Billups and Marc Timmons would be ineligible as seen by the release below.

The low 40s, 10:06AM (MST) kick, and a steady drizzle would not help the Cyclones on New Years Eve 2002. The commentary for this game was provided by Dr. Jerry Punch (battling laryngitis), Randy Wright, and Heather Cox.

Boise State’s first drive ends up going on a quick 4 & out. Iowa State’s opening drive brings us to a 3rd & 11, which thanks to Seneca’s feet, we get a 1st Down. Wallace calls our first time out with 12:24 left in the first quarter. Heather soon provides the backstory of Seneca, saying that he was a defensive back and kick returner at Oregon State but he never saw playing time. (Note: he was listed as the second string left cornerback according to an August 1998 depth chart for Oregon State) Seneca showcases what he can do on a 10 yard QB Draw and the announcers glow over the fact he’ll beat you with his legs.

Unfortunately. . .

The very next play (a completion to Danielsen) Wallace hyperextended his left knee due to Bobby Hammer rolling into his leg.

The late Cris Love would take over for Seneca for the rest of the possession and ISU would have to send out Adam Benike would go out for a field goal.

Iowa State 3 - Boise State 0

Brock Forsey, who had 29 total touchdowns on the season returned the ensuing kickoff to the BSU 46. Nick Linder, a backup cornerback out of Iowa City, went down with an injury after the play ended. Boise State would have no luck moving the ball and would have to punt to Todd Miller.

Following the commercial, Cris Love Jr. is still in and he hands to Wagner for an eight yard gain. In between plays, the Black Angus Beef Bowl is profiled. The “Bowl”, which happened on December 27th from 4:15-6pm was won by Iowa State. Iowa State won 198 ounces to 196 ounces. Matt Bockes (Grundy Center) personally downed 113 ounces.

Other information of team activities can be found on page four of the Media Guide.

Kyle Knock gathers in almost a 20 yard pass from Love to keep the drive alive. Cris Love has to gather in a bad snap and are faced with a 3rd & 17. The Cyclones punt it away and the Broncos start on their own 15.

A poor Boise drive means a quick 4 & Out. One 44 yard punt later, and the Cyclones set up shop on their own 42... ...Only to punt it away to start the second quarter

At the 13:18 mark of the second quarter, a very questionable pass interference was called on ISU. Forsey gained 18 for BSU on a screen pass before the Broncos ground and pounded their way to the red zone. Forsey made a crucial 4th & 1 conversion to keep the Bronco stampede alive. Cyclone Anthony Forrest, who was named defensive player of the game, had one of his fourteen tackles against Brock on the ISU 3. Forsey would eventually score from 4 yards out.

Iowa State 3 - Boise State 7

Seneca returns to action, and on a 2nd & 10, he throws a dart to Lance Young. Seneca would fall victim to a late hit which would bring the ball to the BSU 44. Jack Whitver got a crucial pass to bring ISU into the red zone. Jamaul Montgomery would catch a six yard pass from Wallace to put the Cyclones up heading into halftime.

Iowa State 10 - Boise State 7

Troy Blankenship would have to punt the ball away after not being able to convert from down and inches.

Following the punt, Boise State drove down the field with three passes to Wingfield before Forsey punched it in from 2 yards out as seen below.

Iowa State 10 - Boise State 14

Lance Young had a nice return to about the Boise 30, which unfortunately was brought back by a block in the back. Michael Wagner has a nice rush of 7, which helps the drive before an overthrown ball to Montgomery seals this ISU drive up. A punt by Blankenship went to about midfield where Ellis Hobbs delivered a crushing tackle.

Brock Forsey moves the rock with ease and BAH GAWD THAT’S CAEL SANDERSON’S MUSIC!

Following the interview, a 25 yard end around by Boise State brings the ball to the ISU 15. A short while later, Forsey makes BSU’s second 4th down conversion of the day to set up his quarterback in great position.

Iowa State 10 - Boise State 21

Iowa State’s first play after the kickoff was an overthrown ball to Lane Danielsen, followed by two incompletions intended for Whitver. A Blankenship punt gets returned 30ish yards and the Broncos are already in ISU territory, starting on our 40.

Brandon Brown gets a sack on Dinwiddie and drops him for a loss of eight yards. The Broncos do nothing on this drive and has to punt which became a touchback.

Iowa State punts it right back.

Anthony Forrest blocks the Boise State punt, we start on their 33, and Wagner fumbles it. “Only lost five fumbles in the last five years.” ESPN goes to commercial break due to the start of the fourth quarter, and our game upcoming Big Monday game against Kansas is mentioned.

Following a Boise State punt, Seneca starts to drive the Cyclones down the field, which stalls at midfield after an incompletion aimed at Whitver.

Matt Word tackles Forsey who came back on to the field after a neck tweak. They have to punt, and we soon exchange a punt with them.

Mikell of Boise State pulls of a David Montgomery-esque run to open up a pass to Gilligan.

Forsey punches it in from nine yards out to have his 32nd touchdown of the season.

Iowa State 10 - Boise State 27

Jamaul Montgomery keeps a Cyclone drive alive on a 4th & 3. Seneca skitters his way for a First Down, and a pass to Lane Danielsen brings ISU within the red zone. Another Danielsen catch brings ISU to the 5. A 14 play, 69 yard drive that took 2:46 finally resulted in a touchdown.

Iowa State 16 - Boise State 27

Benike’s onside kick attempt goes right to Boise State. A Dinwiddie pass to his fullback goes for over 30 yards and the Broncos make it to inside the ISU 10. Fanucchi catches a rainbow pass from Dinwiddie to increase the margin.

The line before the game was -11.5 for Boise State. :thinking emoji:

Iowa State 16 - Boise State 34

The Cyclones would earn $200,000 for their participation in the bowl.

Photo gallery via. Boise State.