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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: Losing to North Dakota State by 20

Which is worse, the bubble screen or the matte helmet?

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North Dakota State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

August 30, 2014. The #2 Bison come into Ames to play the Cyclones in 73º and cloudy conditions, with a WNW wind at 9 MPH, along with humidity at 84%.

Commentators Justin Kutcher and Coy Wire are salivating over our new offensive coordinator, The Incredible Bulk himself, Mark Mangino.

Ben LeCompte and the Bison kick the ball off to the Cyclones, with DeVondrick Nealy and Jarvis West deep, a touchback occurs. Sam B. Richardson opens up the 2014 season with a 17 yard rush up the middle. One Aaron Wimberly rush and a pass completion to Dondre Daley and the Impact Players are shown via. a graphic, something’s off, however.

Wimberly moves the chains with a 6 yard rush on 3rd & 1.

Unfortunately. . . off the ball, deep threat target Quenton Bundrage tears his right ACL blocking a Bison defender, and is done for the season. As far as I know, that is not on our list of forgettable things.

Richardson hits Daley on a slant to gain another 10ish yards. Two incompletions later, but the Cyclones get a lucky break with a defender wrapping around Lazard which is and always should be pass interference. E.J. Bibbs and Wimberly have been making splashes on this drive. Aaron Wimberly would put the final touches on this drive, scorching three straight FCS National Champion North Dakota State from 16 yards out.

Iowa State 7 - North Dakota State 0

Netten’s kick gets returned to the ISU 34, but a block in the back moves Carson Wentz and company starting position backwards. Fun fact! This game is Wentz’s first ever collegiate start. He completes a pass for six yards, and on the next play, there’s a fumble, but it gets recovered by NDSU for 3rd Down. The Bison call a timeout to avoid a delay of game. On the next play, Kamari Cotton-Moya (in his first career start) gets called for targeting.

The first Bison play after the controversial call, is a run that gets stopped up the middle. A big stop by Cory Morrissey brings the Bison to a 3rd Down. Only to have Wentz have another completion to move the chains. It happened again, a critical 3rd Down saved by Wentz’s arm on a completion to Zach Vraa. Carson Wentz is finally called for a delay of game with 6:13 left in the first which sets up a 3rd & 11...

...Robby Garcia picks up the sack on Wentz! NDSU has to punt it away.

Another very good run by Sam Richardson keeps drive going. Unfortunately, Tom Farniok (starting center) now goes down with an injury. Oh man, back to back to back bubble screens to Nealy, gross. The last pass should’ve been a PI on 91 white. Downing has a good punt, and the Bison will start on our 19.

North Dakota State gets a sixteen yard run on 2nd & 19, and the first quarter ends. Wentz gets drilled and throws another incompletion. ISU will start at midfield thanks to a speedy return by West.

Our first play from scrimmage is what will become a fan favorite in seasons to come, the ol’ throw it to Allen Lazard.

From 3 yards out, Wimberly again hits paydirt.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 0

The Cyclones currently have a 147 to 43 total yard advantage. One John Crockett sprint from scrimmage later, and the score is now 14-7, with a total yard advantage being 147 to 123.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 7

Iowa State has a 3 and Out and Downing punts it away, NDSU will start on their 33 after a fair catch from Christian Dudzik. North Dakota State punts it right back. We return the favor, by punting back to the Bison, they set up shop on their 23.

Nigel Tribune almost intercepts a Wentz pass. Wentz does a sneak on 3rd & 1 to keep the drive alive.

Following the sneak, Wentz shows off his arm strength on a completion good for 44 yards.

Crockett would again find the end zone to cap a 9 play, 77 yard drive that took 4:16.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 14

Nealy takes the Bison kickoff to the 19. Sam Richardson takes the first down snap at makes a run for another first down. A no-gain play by the Cyclones follows, and Bison defensive end Mike Hardie suffers a partially torn hamstring. He would be out until early October. Dondre Daley causes a false start, however, he makes a 14 yard grab in his “honeyhole” to make up for the penalty. Richardson just attempted a pass to Bibbs in triple coverage, and unfortunately two Bison (20) Colten Heagle (attended same high school as A.J. Klein) and (35) Christian Dudzik. Sam Richardson shows off the Jack Trice pioneered shovel pass to Nealy who gains 14 on a 3rd Down...

...And Dudzik intercepts a throw by Richardson who returns it to our 40. Wentz throws a 26 yard completion to Crockett. Crockett takes another run to our 3. Trevor Gebhart can’t make the completion, and on the next play NDSU has a false start. RJ Urzendowski brings the Bison back within the 5, and the FG unit is now out. One offsides later, and Keller sets back up for the kick from 19 yards out.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 17

NDSU will receive the opening kick at the 35 yard line. A fumbled snap by Wentz on 3rd & 5 causes an incompletion and a poorly handled punt by Jarvis West makes ISU start on their own 20.

One underwhelming drive and Colin Downing punt later, and a huge Bison return is negated by an illegal block, and they’ll set up shop on their own 7. Alton Meeks gets hurt on the first down play. Wentz shows off his best Sam Richardson impression to pick up a first down. Jevohn Miller just got hurdled by Carson Wentz.

The Bison are now in the red zone. A pass to the end zone on the following play results in an almost pass interference. Miller gets called for offsides. The Cyclones have a goal line stand, and the Bison have to go for a field goal from 21 yards out. The Bison went 88 yards in 14 plays that took 5:10 off the clock.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 20

On the next Cyclone possession, Richardson picks up another first down on his feet, and he also throws a pass to Lazard (who attempts to one hand grab it) which results in an interception.

Crockett gets his third touchdown on the day from 2.5 yards out.

The best part of the below clipping is the Bison fan that gets left hanging on a high five attempt.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 27

A bubble screen to Daley on our next drive results in a loss of 6. Then? Richardson gets sacked for a loss of 10 to set up 4th & 21. NDSU starts their next drive on the Bison 36.

Wentz keeps the herd moving down the field, as far as our 33, before they punt it away which results in a touchback. Richardson composes another poor drive, and Downing punts for 56 yards.

North Dakota State breaks a long run for touchdown, but it gets called back because of a holding penalty. Jevohn Miller gets shaken up on the play following.

Next, Chase Morlock busts a 66 yard run up the right side for a touchdown with 5:20 to go. That’s enough of this game.

Iowa State 14 - North Dakota State 34

Obviously, this game wasn’t fun to rewatch or be at in person. Luckily, however, we are not the most recent FBS team to lose to the Bison. In fact, that would be ol’ Team Out East who last lost to the FCS powerhouse. Obviously, a Power 5 school should never lose to an FCS school, but if you’re going to lose to one of them, North Dakota State is probably your best option. Still, this one stung.

Des Moines Register recap.

North Dakota State v Iowa State
Quarterback Carson Wentz #11 of the North Dakota State Bison fights to recover a fumble with linebacker Jevohn Miller #55 of the Iowa State Cyclones in the first half of play at Jack Trice Stadium on August 30, 2014 in Ames, Iowa. The Bisons recovered the ball on the play.
Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Leave your flashbacks, memories, or any other thoughts about this game below!