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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: What Do We Do With Our Hands?

Yes, we’re talking about THAT song.

There is nothing like that song. The one song that just gets you going every time. You know, that one song that gives you the jitters, goosebumps, the ‘Let’s do this!’ mojo with your blood flowing all at once. Like this one. Or this one. And even this one.

Whether it be that high school basketball “Warm-up CD 2007”, the first song at a Jason Aldean concert, the opening hymn at church, or the entrance song at Jack Trice Stadium; we seek those feels. It’s all about that first song. It sets the tone. It is similar to a first impression. Like the late Will Rogers once said, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ In our awe inspiring words, ‘Don’t F**k Up, ya filthy animal.’

During the Paul Rhoads era, there was that one song as the team came through the smoky tunnel. That one song that just didn’t fit the vibes of the other musical choices. It was a song that suits a local bar band playing in that bar where the locals still sneak a drag of a red. It is a song with an unmistakable opening riff. I have all the respect for this song released on the album back in 1972, but for an entrance choice for the Clones, forget it.

If you can retrace your memory to the Rhoads era, you can possibly remember ‘Smoke On The Water’.

As the Cyclones came through the smoky tunnel they were met by a sea of Cardinal & Gold in Jack Trice Stadium that had a confused buzz kill.

Trying to keep the beat and the pregame buzz was similar to that of Ricky Bobby. We just weren’t sure what to do.

Here is a good video from 2012. We go from Volbeat punching you in the face, to a scene of confused fans attempting to keep the beat to greet the team. Let us fast forward to 2017 with Kid Ink blasting ‘Money & The Power’. Here we at least keep a beat and a song that will cause you to do a 3sus. RISE UP!

Music has the power to move. To create. To make us do. As we move onto higher standards, let’s leave this song behind us, move on, and forget about it. Time to raise the standard. #WinInTheDark #NotInTheSmoke