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The Mid-Morning Dump: Lebronto

A handful of blowout series in both the NBA and NHL.

ROYCE ON BIG STAGE ESPN films, E60, had a show over the career of former Cyclone star, Royce White, and his battle with mental health.

POSTSEASON BOUND Iowa State softball clinched their spot in the postseason on Saturday.

FUTURE High school star and future Cyclone George Conditt threw down a monster dunk.

UNSTOPPABLE Lebron James dominated the entire game and then hit the dagger to turn that 0-2 into an 0-3.

BORING The rest of the conference semifinals are all blowouts too. Warriors, Rockets, and Celtics all are looking like they are headed to the conference finals.

HISTORY The Las Vegas Golden Knights became the third expansion team to reach the conference finals in their inaugural season after eliminating the Sharks.

STRUCK The Lightning lost game one and then beat the Bruins four times in a row to advance to the ECF.

3000 Albert Pujols recorded his 3000th career major league hit over the weekend.