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The Mid-Morning Dump: World Cup Starts Today!

Name the band.

I AM THE STORM Joel Lanning was named Iowa State’s 2017-2018 Male Athlete of the Year. Jhoanmy Luque took home the women’s award.

MR. COOL Lindell Wigginton shared some thoughts on why he came back to Iowa State, and what his expectations are for next year.

BURNIN FOR YOU Who’s headed to Ames this weekend for an official visit?

FIREWORKS Toronto and DC United played to an absolutely thrilling 4-4 draw last night.

MAKE ROCK NOT WAR The Dodgers and Rangers cleared the dugouts yesterday in a sort-of fight.

EYES ON FIRE Check out every country’s kit (uniform) that they’ll be using for the World Cup.

THE GREAT SUN JESTER The Milwaukee Brewers took down the Cubs 1-0 yesterday after a “freak” play from Lorenzo Cain.