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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: Jacob Park Leaving Mid Season

Oh, all the records that could have been broken.

Texas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Jacob Park may have been one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever step foot in Ames. Four games through the 2017 season, Park was poised to crush a ton of records in the Iowa State record books, and then he wasn’t

We all know how the story goes. Iowa State headed off for Norman, Oklahoma. A place where Iowa State hadn’t won in since 1991. Rumors swirled for days before the game. Was Park going to be at the game on Saturday. The news broke Friday night that in fact Jacob Park did not make the trip to Norman and the Cyclones would be using an unproven quarterback. Iowa State would go on to stun the sooners with Kyle Kempt at Quarterback and eventually make it to the Liberty Bowl and capture a bowl win.

There are many theories and rumors to what may have lead to Park’s sudden absence. However, we won’t ever really know the reasons, as it appears that it may have been the best for both sides. Park is now on to his next adventure, and Kyle Kempt is back for another season as Iowa State’s quarterback.

This is probably one of the “100 Things To Forget” scenarios that stings the least and had a happy ending at the end. For now we can, remember the pure talent that Park had, and always wonder what could have been.