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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: Fumbling on the First Play of the 1972 Liberty Bowl

Death, taxes, and annoying fumbles at the Liberty Bowl.

1972 Liberty Bowl program cover

Johnny Majors and his Iowa State squad limped down to Memphis after going 0-4-1 in the second half of the 1972 schedule. Iowa State had highs of tying (should’ve beat) #3 Nebraska at home, and lows of losing late to Missouri 5-6.

The Cyclones had 36 fumbles on the season, conveniently before this December night game they had only lost 16 of them. George Amundson and his sensual mustache and chops combo would lead him to our only first round NFL draft pick just a couple months later.

Currently on his mind along with his fellow Cyclones would be taking on a 6-4-1 Georgia Tech team who would be starting their backup quarterback Jim Stevens.

Georgia Tech would win the coin toss and elect to kick with a 10 mile per hour wind at their backs.

Amundson and co. trot out onto the field, and from the I, George attempts to hand to Moses Moore who muffs the handoff and Georgia Tech has it on our 20.

Iowa State would hold Georgia Tech to a 32 yard field goal, and the underdog Georgia Tech goes up 3-0 and they would eventually win 31-30.

For those interested in seeing the first half of the 19th Annual Liberty Bowl, I made a playlist on YouTube.