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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: Cy Breaking His Arm at UConn

One of Iowa State’s greatest mysteries.

On September 16th, 2011, Iowa State travelled to UConn for a football game, which the good guys won 24-20. The game featured a couple really nice plays from Josh Lenz and Darius Reynolds, with Reynolds catching a WR pass from Lenz for a touchdown, hurdling over a defender on another touchdown grab, and Lenz making this ridiculous sideline catch:

However, the biggest story of the game ended up centering around Iowa State’s mascot, Cy. The first call came from John Walters, as he announced that Cy had broken his arm in the first half. Almost immediately rumors began circulating around the CycloneFanatic forums that Cy had not just broken his arm, but a few unruly UConn fans had actually pushed the mascot down the bleachers, causing the break. Those rumors then seemed to be confirmed, as the mascots brother stated on Twitter that his fracture was going to require surgery, and that he would not be pressing charges.

While there isn’t any video evidence of a UConn fan actually pushing Cy to the ground and breaking his arm, we do seem to have enough evidence to indicate that there was at least some foul play involved.

Luckily, we did win the game. We also got some revenge later the following spring.