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Lon Kruger to Take Remaining Players, Ball on Team-Building Retreat

The Sooners must begin life after Trae Young.

Oklahoma v Rhode Island Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Following Trae Young’s selection in last night’s NBA Draft, Oklahoma University has released that head coach Lon Kruger will be taking the remaining Oklahoma Sooners players and a basketball to a team-building retreat at an undisclosed location. We were granted an exclusive interview with the legendary coach to discuss the retreat and what he hopes to accomplish.

“The main purpose of this retreat will be to reacquaint our players with look and feel of holding, passing, and shooting a basketball. Many of our players haven’t touched a basketball in almost a year, so we’re trying to ease back into the concept of holding, moving, and catching the ball. Once we’ve gotten a hang of the basics, we’ll begin reintroducing more advanced concepts like dribbling, passing, and shooting.”

The retreat is expected to last approximately five days, filled with a multitude of activities designed to build team chemistry. Though we do not know every activity he has planned for the players, Kruger did reveal that the schedule includes activities like a team scavenger hunt, a game of telephone, a team “roasting” session, and a rigorous series of trust falls.

We were also able to speak with a player, who chose to remain anonymous, about the retreat and what his expectations are. “I’m excited, but also a bit nervous about what it will be like to hold a basketball again. It’s been so long, and I’m afraid I won’t remember what to do with my hands.”

While the road to learning how to use a basketball again will be long and difficult for the Sooners, Lon Kruger is certainly talented and experienced enough to make it happen. That process should be absolutely fascinating to watch, and we’ll be sure to provide updates as they happen, so stay tuned to WRNL.