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The Mid-Morning Dump: Lindell Goes to Camp(s)

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and the World Cup knockout stage is taking shape.

WIGGY’S CAMPING Lindell Wigginton has been invited to the Nike Basketball Academy, and the Chris Paul Elite Guard Camp, two prestigious summer camps.

TRANSFER U Who was the first player ever to transfer to Iowa State?

FINAL FOUR ODDS At 200-1, Iowa State has the eighth-best Final Four odds in the conference, ahead of only Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

NERVOUS....POOP? Diamondbacks reliever Archie Bradley once took the mound after accidentally soiling himself in the bullpen.

BYE, SON The Clippers traded head coach Doc Rivers’ son Austin to Washington for Marcin Gortat.

DEAD BODY A body was found in the home of Giants CB Janoris Jenkins.

GOING CRAZY Diego Maradona was in top form during Argentina’s victory yesterday.

KNOCKOUT STAGE The World Cup knockout picture is looking more clear. See who’s advancing, and what each team that isn’t already locked in needs to do to make it out of group play.