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The Mid-Morning Dump: David Montgomery Discovery

Name the band.

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MAYBE Yesterday, we told you who we think is next in line to potentially commit to Iowa State from the 2019 class. Here’s what Matthew Bain of the Des Moines Register thinks are Matt Campbell’s primary targets for the class of 2019.

ONE GOOD MAN Finally, the world is starting to discover David Montgomery. Get ready say “We told you so” to a lot of people.

TRY (JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER) In an odd twist of fate, the winner of Belgium and England today will actually have the more difficult path to the final, so both teams actually have an incentive not to win.

TO LOVE SOMEBODY After South Korea’s victory sent Mexico on to the knockout stage, people in Mexico went to the South Korean embassy to party with the ambassador, and Mexicans and South Koreans partied together outside the stadium!

BYE, BYE BABY For the third consecutive World Cup, the reigning champion (Italy, Spain, and Germany, respectively) did not make it out of the group stage.

MY BABY Giannis Antetekunmpo wants help designing his signature shoe.