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Create the Beer of the Cyclones

What style best fits our beloved university?

Here at WRNL, we like Cyclone sports, gossip, profanity, and having a good time. Because of that reputation, it is our honor to be the first reliable source to announce that Jack Trice Stadium will be selling beer outside of the high roller endzone club Sukup End Zone Club. They have come to us to address this issue. That is, if the beer meets WRNL writer and reader approval.

With that said, it is up to you to be creative. Be original. Think outside of the box. Put yourself on the concourse of the Jack decked out in your Cyclone gear with all the sights and sounds. Combine all that, and you just may have the new Official Beer of the Iowa State Cyclones. Remember, think and drink like a Cyclone.

We have a few months until football season begins. There is time. But don’t procrastinate. The WRNL athletics marketing department wants this label ASAP so it can be passed on from here to be sold throughout the stadium.

What you need to do: Design an original beer label for the Cyclones

  • Create a name
  • Design a label (photoshop, paint, hand drawn on paper and uploaded, etc.)
  • Style of beer (example: lager, ale, stout, pilsner, shine, wine cooler)
  • And any other creative tid-bits that will make this beer stand out

How to do it:

Comment below with your WRNL login or on Facebook with the listed criteria. The winner(s) will be chosen via the most recs or likes a beer receives.

What you get:

Notoriety of being a bad ass and the newest brew master at WRNL.

Any questions, let us know! Let your dreams become real and let the good times roll! Cheers!

Need some creative motivation? Listen here. Or here. Hell, even here.