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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die: The “BEAT IOWA” Football Jerseys

“A helluva game. It lived up to expectations. I wondered if it could, with all the build-up.” — Gov. Robert E. Ray, entering the Iowa locker room, Sept. 17, 1977

Equipment managers and their respective head coaches work very close to one another. For example, Matt Campbell came up with a request for the chrome helmet for the bowl after the Kansas State game.

Iowa State sophomore Tom Buck, wearing the infamous “Beat Iowa” jersey in the rekindled rivalry, returned a punt 63 yards for the first score of the 1977 Cy-Hawk game. Scott Kollman kicked the PAT to make it 7-0. Iowa won 12-10.
Register file photo

In 1977, equipment manager Paul Brunkow got a request from Earle Bruce to put a sewn “BEAT IOWA” on a road jersey for the first game against Iowa since 1934. Unfortunately, the Cyclones didn’t win that game, but they showed that big brother had bigger balls too. According to the Des Moines Register, something was missing from this game. The Iowa Corn Song.

As one might imagine, Brunkow stored the jerseys away, what happened to these jerseys you might wonder?

The “BEAT IOWA” was removed, and “IOWA STATE” was reinstated on the front. A new addition to the uniform, however, was a Peach on each shoulder.

Des Moines Tribune, 28 Dec 1977

The Peach Bowl may have been a 14-24 disappointment because of the 8 win season, however, it gave us one of the coolest photos in Cyclone Football history.