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The Mid-Morning Dump: Benton Gets His Scholarship

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by yesterday’s tornadoes in central Iowa.

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SCHOLARSHIP Former walk-on defensive end Spencer Benton was awarded a scholarship for this upcoming season.

HOOPS CROOTIN’ Iowa State has had lots of success with players from Milwaukee in the past, so the men’s staff is hoping to tap into that pipeline in the future.

SECOND CHANCE After almost derailing his career with an arrest in school, Johnnie Lang is relishing his second chance at football.

REBUILDING After a series of tornadoes unexpectedly battered central Iowa yesterday, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected as they begin to rebuild.

GETTING YOUR MONEY’S WORTH Within 24 hours of Cristiano Ronaldo signing for Juventus, the Italian club reportedly sold $62.4 million worth of the superstar’s iconic #7 shirt.

BRITISH OPEN Carnoustie is another British Open course that will absolutely punish anybody that accidentally hits it in the bunker. Just ask Brooks Koepka.

MELO Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Hawks yesterday, with the Thunder acquiring Dennis Shroder, and Mike Muscala ending up on the 76ers.