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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die: Matt Campbell Advocare Video

This corny video is certainly not something I would watch to get hyped.

The Matt Campbell era is about to kickoff it’s third season, and so far it has been great for Iowa State fans. The first season produced optimism, and the next came with wins. But before all of this, something terrible happened; a video that has been wiped off of the face of the earth was released. This video was called “Grind to Greatness.” Since we don’t have the video, here it is recapped in photos.

This video was released shortly after Coach Campbell was hired, and the intent was to hype Cyclone fans up about Matt Campbell and Iowa State Football as a whole. The only thing that this ended up accomplishing was proving that our coach could lift a lot (in khakis), he likes Advocare, and has a different taste in music. Campbell did show off his appreciation for the farming and agriculture in the great state of Iowa (big thanks to AHF.) But overall, this video just left all of us confused and no one knew what direction they were going in.

This video isn’t a nut shot like a lot of these forgetful articles, but it is still a blemish on Coach Campbell’s resume and we hope you can forget about it.