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100 Things Cyclone Fans Should Forget Before They Die: Will Clyburn “Charge” Call Vs. Ohio State

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Somehow only the second worst thing that happened in that game.

Iowa State v Ohio State Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Shortly before Aaron Craft’s prayer sent Iowa State packing in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, the Ohio State guard made the 2nd biggest play of the game.

With 1:47 remaining in the game and the Cyclones clinging to a 1 point lead, Will Clyburn barreled towards the basket and banked in what should’ve been a shot that would’ve put Iowa State in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, Aaron Craft had slid underneath Clyburn, and the official mistakenly called a charge.

Here’s why the call was wrong:

As you can see, Craft’s foot was over the restricted arc, and thus, should’ve been a block. USA Today gave a good explanation of the rule following the game.

Following the tournament, the NCAA implemented a new policy nicknamed the “Aaron Craft Rule,” which states that a defender may not slide underneath an offensive who is already in the air in order to draw a charge.