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100 Things Iowa State Fans Should Forget Before They Die: Courtney Messingham As Offensive Coordinator

Holy disaster, Batman.

Courtney Messingham was on Paul Rhoads’ staff for five years. Of those five years, two of them he served as the offensive coordinator. Let’s just say, he never should have been promoted there.

Messingham was promoted from receivers coach to offensive coordinator before the 2012 season after Tom Herman left to join coach Urban Meyer at Ohio State. The Cyclones could never sustain much consistency on offense under Messingham, though an ever changing quarterback situation may have attributed to that (though at least part of that is probably Messingham’s fault).

Messingham’s offenses would play well for a quarter and then look like they had never seen a football field before the next. The inconsistencies were off the charts, and it was just so forgettable. Just reliving this offense in my head right now is bringing me a great deal of pain.

Statistically, Iowa State ranked in the bottom third of the Big 12 in each of Messingham’s two seasons as Iowa State’s offensive coordinator. They failed to average over 25 points a game, and they were over 3,000 yards of total offense below the league leaders.

One could say it wasn’t a total disaster because Iowa State did play in the 2012 Liberty Bowl, but I am not going to contribute that to a mind blowing offense taking the field each week. We need to completely forget the Courtney Messignham experience at Iowa State.