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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die: 2008 Heartbreak at Hawai’i

“We’ll live and learn” — Greg McDermott

The 3-0 Cyclones headed to a 1-2 Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors in Greg McDermott’s third year as head coach.

Mon, Nov 24, 2008 — Des Moines Register

The keys for tonight’s matchup are to rain 3s for Iowa State (spoiler: we go 5-18) and for Hawai’i, perimeter defense is necessary. Wes Eikmeier is featured as he’s been having a 53.3% 3 point shooting success rate to date. 5,549 people are said to be in attendance.

Tonight’s starting line up is as follows: Sean Haluska, Diante Garrett, Bryan Petersen, Alex Thompson, and Craig Brackins.

Hawai’i wins the tip, and Amis opens up with a basket at 19:37. Alex Thompson finally gets the Cyclones on the board with this basket.

Staiger misses a three, and Hawai’i gets fouled by Bryan Petersen on the ensuing dribble drive. On the next ISU possession, Diante Garrett drives up the lane, gets his shot blocked, Vanderbeken misses a shot which goes back to Garrett who gets fouled.

These two from the charity stripe would be the 2 of Garrett’s 26 on the night.

Petersen picks up his second foul with 13:31 in the half, who then hits a deep 3.

Jared’s note: this is the worst half of basketball I’ve seen since riding the bench of Ames Middle School’s 8th Grade D/E team

Diante Garrett f i n a l l y gets Iowa State in double digits as seen below.

Alex Thompson makes a swell rebound, but Lucca Staiger can’t handle the Thompson pass going up the court and he slides into the sideline boards in front of John Walters and Eric Heft.

Brackins hits a shot to end the three minute scoring drought. Justin Hamilton and Dominique Buckley check in at the 4:37 mark.

Iowa State makes a rush at the end of the first half and is only down 22 to 25.

I skipped to 10:00 mark, and somehow we’re up 50 to 37. Brackins picks up his third personal foul with 9:47 to play. A traditional 3 point play goes for Petras Balocka and the momentum starts to swing towards the Rainbow Warriors.

No Iowa State shots are falling. Craig Brackins picks up his fourth personal foul with 6:09 left, and Hawai’i has been on an 11-0 run, which would soon become 12-0 with the free throw.

Diante tries to drive in the lane, but he slips and Kareem Nitoto scoops the loose ball and misses the lay up.

A Wes Eikmeier pass to Justin Hamilton isn’t even close and it’s Hawai’i ball again. Sean Haluska fouls Roderick Flemings who makes both free throws to put Hawai’i up 51-50.

Diante Garrett gets fouled and puts the Cyclones back in the advantage. Hawai’i turns the ball of and Alex Thompson scores to help the Cyclone cause.

Justin Hamilton scores again at the 2:55 mark to put ISU up five. Diante connects on two more free throws.

Brackins double covers Flemings low with Thompson, leaving Adhar Mayen open for a 3.

Petras ties the game up at 58 all with 39.8 seconds left. Get your shouting trumpets ready, this one is about to be a heck of a finish.

Balocka gets called for the foul (seen below) and Brackins has two free throws coming.

Brackins misses the first and barely makes the second, 59-58 ISU 2.6 seconds left. On the ensuing Hawai’i throw in, Brackins picks up his 5th foul and Amis is at the line shooting two.

Below, you’ll see Amis’ two free throw attempts.

One last attempt for Diante Garrett, it goes off the left side of the backboard and Hawai’i wins.

Relevant newspaper clippings:

A big Mahalo to Koa over at ‘Ulu’ulu for helping me put together this article.