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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die: 2012 Liberty Bowl

Sad end to an otherwise okay season.

Ernst Brun’s 69-yard touchdown reception in the 2012 Liberty Bowl is the longest catch by a Cyclone in a bowl game.
2018 Iowa State Football Fact Book

The Liberty Bowl, before last season’s classic with Memphis, has often been a thorn in Iowa State’s side being the only bowl the Cyclones have been to more than once without a win.

Tulsa, who we played in the season opener, was our opponent for the 54th Annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl. Trivia question, last time we played the same team twice in one season was who?

The game started very well, Edwin Arceo knocked through two field goals, Jeremy Reeves had a pick 6, and Ernst Brun scored on a 69 yard pass reception.

Sam B. Richardson, who went 6-7/114 yards/1 TD in the first quarter, had his flu-like symptoms get worse, and he would finish the day 4-14/15 yards/1 INT. Notable other Cyclones that were omitted from playing time: Jake Knott and Shontrelle Johnson.

After the electric first quarter from the Cyclones, the Golden Hurricane increased their offensive wattage with junior Trey Watts who would have 25 carries for 149 total yards.

The Cyclones would end up losing this one 31-17, however, at least those watching the broadcast got to see former coach Johnny Majors reflect on his time at Iowa State.

The Iowa State Daily has the following link dump on everything 2012 Liberty Bowl, including their highlight video below.