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The Mid-Morning Dump: Don’t Forget Water Edition

Find out why I’m a journalism & mass communications major instead of a food science major.


COSTA RICA UPDATE. CycloneWBB beat the University of Ottawa yesterday.

ANOTHER WATCH LIST. JaQuan Bailey has been named to the Ted Hendricks Award watch list.

MIKE ROSE MAKING WAVES. True Freshman Mike Rose is battling for playing time, and will likely see it, Rob Gray reports.


CENTER NEEDED. Do you know someone 6’4”+ and 75 years old? Encourage them to join this 3-on-3 squad!

GOTTEEEM. The oldest trick in the pickup basketball book was deployed to perfection.

FREE TRAINER V8 WEEK ZERO. New Nike kicks with (some) college insignias.

DON’T FORGET WATER. If you’re microwaving noodles. (Note: no apartment was harmed, only my pride in making things in microwaves was harmed.)