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Pound the Stone: The Iowa State Way

Matt Campbell is doing a lot of great things with the football team, but this is one of the coolest.

Matt Campbell doesn’t let the learning stop in the classroom. This summer, he gave the team a summer reading assignment, a book called Pound the Stone by Joshua Medcalf. He wants the yearly summer assignment to be able to connect with what the players have gone through in the past, and what they will go through this upcoming season.

This book goes through a young man’s journey, showing his failures that would eventually lead to his success. Coach Campbell compares the message of this book to what the senior class has battled throughout their Cyclone career. The continued failures towards the beginning of their career that led to some success last year, but that wasn’t without blemishes. Campbell believes this book can help the team learn from past mistakes and turn that into a successful 2018 season.

Campbell also touches on how important it is to him that this message pertains to real life issues too. He wants his team of young men to talk with each other so they can leave the football program as better men.

Football Matters sat down with Matt Campbell to discuss this book, you can watch the interview below.