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Announcing the Future Cyclone-Themed Brews

Because beer is our 3rd and 4th names.

Circa 1980. What lead to the future

Thank you to all of our readers who have participated in this contest! We may be onto more developments of making dreams realities one day.

With all of the creative ideas via Facebook, emails, and on the WRNL site, we’ve given you a lineup of the new Cyclone Brews! Below you will find them, and with donations and brew masters, we can make dreams come true, because that’s what we do at WRNL.

We had some great designs and some great descriptions. Below you will see some of the designs, and some without, but the sky is the limit! Any input and help will really get this Cyclone Brew coming to a Cyclone stadium nearest you.

#1 Forever True Lager: An everyday beer that is easy drinking, perfect for tailgates. Storm Brewing Co. is the only good choice to brew this beer, which is an ode to the fight song and also describes the reliability of the beer. Simple design, but kinda sexy.

#2 Hard Cyder: Storm Brewing comes through here again. But with a classic taste and style of a hard cider.

#3 Farmhouse Ale: Land Grant Brewing gives us an ode to our original roots. Try this Saison ale. Rumor has it 10% of the proceeds go to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for scholarships. Applications can be found online at

#4 Cyclone Rye Pale Ale: The logo is in the works, but think the 1978-1983 logo (best of all time) on this can in some way according to the brew master. Below is the recipe in case you want to start brewing it.

CYCLONE Rye Pale Ale

10 lb Marris Otter

1 lb Munich Malt

1 lb Rye Malt

0.5 oz Zeus (11%AA) First Wort Hop

0.5 oz Zeus (11%AA) @60 min.

1.0 oz Zeus at Turn off

2L starter of White Labs WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast. Ferment for 3 weeks @68 degrees F.

38.5 IBU

7.0 SRM

5.6% ABV

#5 Auburn Skies: This is a sour ale. Hipster shit. From the creator himself: try at your own risk.

#6 Default Setting: Ames Water

As always, samples are welcomed and a possible gathering for the dedication. Thanks for all of your responses and we look forward to the next steps of the process.... the brewing process that is. Trust the process

Drink like a Cyclone today.