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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ranking the Schedule

Name the band.

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JUST FOR A THRILL Here’s a ranking of Iowa State’s schedule from easiest to hardest.

A’INT NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING How will college football’s new kickoff rules affect Kene Nwangwu and Iowa State in 2018?

ROCK STEADY Kyle Kempt returns this season as PFF’s highest rated quarterback on standard passes, and it’s because of his meticulous preparation.

A BRAND NEW ME Before becoming a disruptive force on the defensive line, Jamahl Johnson made a big life change to get himself in a better place.

RESPECT Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has passed away at 76 years old.

CHAIN OF FOOLS According to Jalen Ramsey, pretty much every NFL quarterback is terrible.

I NEVER LOVED A MAN (THE WAY I LOVED YOU) You may have forgotten about Wayne Rooney’s move to MLS, but he’s definitely still got it.

I TAKE WHAT I WANT In an exhibition game against Ryerson, Duke’s Zion Williamson put on an absolute show.