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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mike Warren At Safety?!

It’s so crazy, it just might work.

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MIKE WARREN AT SAFETY?! Mike Warren is taking reps at safety, and we honestly have no reason to believe it won’t work. Remember Joel Lanning?

BEST LINE YET? The position switches may give Iowa State’s it’s best offensive line yet.

EISWORTH IS HERE. The JUCO transfer is finally starting to get things right.

JUST CHILL! Apparently the Texas football program doesn’t want to get hot, they now have giant coolers players can sit in.

$600 MILLION! Alabama will upgrade their facilities starting with their stadium.

URBAN STILL IN? Things are starting to seem that way.

KAP PASSED. John Elway says that Colin Kaepernick passed on his contract offer.

FOLES IS DOWN. The Eagles aren’t rushing Carson Wentz but now Nick Foles is injured.