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WRNL is Looking for New Writers!

Do you love the Cyclones more than some of your family members? We want you!

Your favorite Iowa State Cyclones blog, Wide Right & Natty Lite, is looking for new writers! If you’re passionate about the Cyclones, enjoy cracking jokes, and have way too much free time on your hands, then come on down and become the first next great writer for WRNL. We’re looking for people who’d like to lend their pen or voice to discussing Iowa State football, men’s basketball, wrestling, and women’s basketball primarily.

Ideally, we’d like our contributors to be good at writing (duh) while also having the ability to be objective about Iowa State. We’re all cardinal and gold to the bone, but being able to analyze/critique the Cyclones while maintaining a sense of humor is the special sauce that makes our site go.

To apply, send an email to me at, explain what role you’d be interested in, and provide a sample of some of your past work (or write something up quickly on something related to Iowa State). The WRNL staff is currently spread out across multiple states and includes people of all ages, so whether you’re in high school or a nursing home, if you want to write about the Cyclones, go ahead and give it a shot. People who have applied in the past are also encouraged to do so again!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!