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Welcome the Newest WRNL Contributor Jordan Hamann

Appluad, boo, and haze accordingly.

Pictured above is new staff writer Jordan Hamann at ISU Orientation in 2017.
Jordan Hamann

Hello, readers of WRNL on SBNation!

My name is Jordan Hamann, and I am the most recent addition to the WRNL writing staff. I’ll give you a little background on myself, my writing experiences, my goals and why I chose to join WRNL.

Why am I a Cyclone Fan? Oh, I don’t know… why is the grass green or the sky blue or why is someone a Hawkeye fan? Lol. I’d be concerned about your well-being if you were a Hawkeye.

In all realness, I’ve been an Iowa State Cyclones fan since I could remember. I’m also going to Iowa State University, so it’s kind of implied, haha.

I am currently a junior (should be senior) at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. I’m a journalism and mass communications major, minoring in agronomy.

The uniqueness of that combination is that I am the only student at Iowa State with that major-minor combination.

At this point, you’re probably wondering “What in the hell do those have anything to do with each other?”, and you’re asking the correction question and here’s your answer.

They don’t.

The reason I’m getting a minor in agronomy is that I love agriculture! The crop side of it, however.

I also realized while I was at the community college I attended before getting to Iowa State that I was pretty good at writing, so why not take advantage something I’m good at?

The overlying reason that I chose the journalism route initially was because of a professor I had when I attended my first two years of college at North Iowa Area Community College.

That professor’s name is Sethanne DeGabriele, and I had her for Intro to Journalism as well as Logos Lite (the student publication magazine).

Not only did I have her for that course, but also three other classes because of how much of an impact she has on my education. So shout out to you Sethanne!

The other reason I chose this route because of my love for sports and I felt like being able to the story of an athlete and/or team would be the best way I could use my talents as a writer.

So let’s backtrack a bit here before I move on.

I’m originally from Mason City, Iowa located about 80-or-so miles from Ames straight north on the I-35 interstate, then take the Hwy. 18 exit until you arrive at the Hwy. 65 exit a short while later.

I attended Mason City High School from 2011-to 2015 graduating with the Class of 2015. After high school, I went on to begin my first two years of my academic college career at North Iowa Area Community College. In 2017, I transferred to Iowa State University to start the last part of my journey.

Okay, going back forward.

I am now a junior and will be of senior status come Spring 2019.

At Iowa State, I have worked for the Iowa State Daily as a sports reporter and for KURE Radio as a broadcast sports journalist. I have also written about baseball and soccer for the Daily, and about basketball for KURE.

My goal here at WRNL is to bring that funny/satirical humor that you are all used to while giving you that quality reporting that you’d expect from a journalist.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback as I journey through here as a writer on WRNL.