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Introducing New WRNL Contributor David Braga

Another new writer!

Cyclone Nation at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis
David Braga

Hello, internet!

My name is David Braga. That’s enough, right? That’s all you need to know? Okay, fine. Let’s include a little more than a name, shall we?

I’m 20 years old and live in Marshalltown, Iowa, but I was born in Alexandria, Minnesota. I was adopted after 2 months living there, and thus, I started my life in Marshalltown.

I grew up in a home where Iowa was the preferred team to cheer for, so in my early years, I was in fact a fan of the enemy. Fortunately, when elementary school came around, some friends of mine showed me the light.

Long after that, I went to Marshalltown High School (graduated in 2016). During those 4 years, I spent most of my time in the music dept. playing in the band (percussion) and singing in the choir (tenor 1.) I also played golf (freshman and sophomore yrs) and tennis (junior and senior yrs.)

After graduating high school, I decided that going to the community college in town would be best for 2 reasons: 1. To save a bit of money, and 2. To take a little extra time deciding on what I wanted to do after school.

There was just one problem...

I didn’t (and still don’t) really know what I want to do after that, or what I want to major in. My hobbies include playing video games, various TCGs (trading card games) and, of course, watching all the Iowa State sporting events I can. So if you know somebody looking to pay someone $100K to do any of that, put in a good word for me.

As to why I decided to join WRNL. It’s actually pretty simple really. I enjoy watching Iowa State athletics, and then talking (writing) about it. WRNL combines the two.

My goals at WRNL are to grow as a writer, and provide Cyclone fans will all of the WRNL analysis, wit, and sarcasm you’ve all come to know and love. Thank you for welcoming me to the WRNL family, and Go Cyclones!