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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die: Backup QB Chase Daniel Shredding Us in 2005

On October 15, Daniel was 16-of-23 for 185 passing yards and a touchdown against Iowa State.

The 2005 team was a great team, yet unfortunately they had painful losses, two of which have been covered in this 100 Things series. (Nebraska, Baylor)

The Cyclones were down 14-10 at the half, however, they dominated the entire second quarter and the opening 13 of the third quarter. Ryan Kock, as Brent Blum said in his recap of the game, “...was attacking the goal line like a steak at Hickory Park.”

Unfortunately, Iowa State’s momentum came to a halt when Mizzou legend Brad Smith got hurt to send in unknown freshman (and still unknown by Mitch Trubisky) Chase Daniel.

Quoting Blum’s article again gives us a rundown of the stream of consciousness that ensued.

“Then Chase Daniel appeared. Daniel, a true freshman from Texas, apparently decided to channel the ghosts of Roy Hobbs, Rudy, and Jonathan Moxon into one. Daniel pass complete to Brad Ekwerekwu for 13 yards to the MU 38.

First down MU.

Daniel pass complete to Coffman for 25 yards to the ISU 34. Daniel pass complete to Coffey for 10 yards to the ISU 5. Crossett field goal attempt from 19 good, ISU 24 MU 17. It’s a good thing Daniel didn’t play all game - Iowa State may have been in trouble.

Blankenship punted 49 yards to the MU 12. 88 yards and we’re tied. Daniel pass complete to Coffey for 20 yards to the MU 33. Now would be a good time to stop him. Penalty ISU pass interference. Find me some Tums.

Daniel pass complete to Franklin for 14 yards to the ISU 21. Daniel pass complete to Coffey for 17 yards to the ISU 4. Daniel pass complete to Coffey for 4 yards, touchdown, clock 0:20. ISU 24, MU 24. Yep, overtime happened. The ending is self-explanatory considering the Cyclones are now 0-4 all-time in OTs.”

At least we had the tornado game that season, forever a highlight, but losing five games by a total of 25 points that year will always be something to forget.

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