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We Created the 2018 Cyclones on NCAA Football 14

The entire team with (mostly) accurate rosters and uniforms is available for download on Xbox 360.

Ever since EA Sports announced that it would no longer continue the NCAA Football franchise following the Ed O’Bannon case, college football fans have longed for another game in the series. While there doesn’t really appear to be anything on the way in the forseeable future, fans have kept the game alive by continually updating rosters, teams, and uniforms.

Since the Cyclones got some new threads this year, we decided the team could use an update. Unfortunately, the Team Builder is a bit restrictive, only allowing for a two helmets and pants, but four total jerseys. Thus, we created the full home and away uniforms as best we could.

Naturally, we created the full black uniform to see what it would look like. Needless to say, these are pretty sharp.

Here’s a cool combo that we’ll hopefully get to see sometime this season.

The roster is also as complete as we could make it. The rosters are done by starting with a school’s default roster, then editing players. However, new players can’t be added to position groups, nor can a player’s position be changed. Thus, we filled in this year’s depth chart as best we could. Here a couple of the key players.