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Freshmen Football Player Charged in Connection with Fredrickson Court Gun Incident

Taylor-Cortez was rated a three-star prospect by 247Sports before joining the Cyclones.

Dallas Taylor-Cortez Iowa State Athletics

Two Iowa State students were arrested, one of them being a freshmen football player for the Cyclones, in connection to a gun incident on campus Thursday, August 23.

Dallas Taylor-Cortez, a freshmen defensive-back, as well as one other university student, have since been charged.

Taylor-Cortez was charged with harassment, 3rd degree, a simple misdemeanor. The other student, a sophomore in early childhood education, was charged with a False Report to a Public Entity.

Last week ISU Alerts sent out a text, call and email to students and staff of the university, and even parents about a call received to authorities that there were people, with what appeared to be guns, at Fredrickson “Freddy” Court.

Fredrickson Court is an on campus, campus-owned and operated housing facility location on the proportion the campus’s north side.

Those alerts were sent out around 9:50 p.m. and an all clear was given around 11:30 that night.

Iowa State Police Chief, Michael Newton, told the Iowa State Daily that “Taylor-Cortez had used a laser attached to a BB gun and “threatened, intimated, and or alarmed” at least one victim and caused others to run from the area.”

Taylor-Cortez was one of the four freshmen football players suspended by Matt Campbell and the Iowa State Athletics Department last week for a pattern of “poor choices and bad behavior”.

The investigation remains ongoing.

This is a developing story and will update the story as more information becomes available.