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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die: Greg Coleman Fumble in End Zone vs Baylor

One of the worst losses in school football history.

Iowa State head coach McCarney on sidelines Photo by Ronald Martinez /Getty Images

Let me give you a background to this game. This was before Baylor was Baylor, the team we know with the crazy uniforms and RGIII. They were as bad as Kansas, quite possibly worse. The team from Waco, Texas had been long known as one of the worst programs in college football, and had never EVER won a road game in the Big 12 Conference.

The Big 12 had been around for TEN YEARS, and Baylor had lost all 37 games on the road.

That was until October 8, 2005

Enter the Iowa State Cyclones, coming in at 3-1, and just beat a top-10 “Team From Out East” only a month before. Heck ISU, was ranked in the top-25 the previous week, before losing a hard-fought matchup to Nebraska.

In that game against the Huskers, ISU was without top running back Stevie Hicks, who had battled a nagging hip injury, and would not be available against Baylor either.

No problem, right? Lets just put in one of our backups and ISU will be just fine, running the prototypical 2-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust plays made famous by Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Barney Cotton.

Greg Coleman had a different idea. The heralded recruit out of Iowa City, who had some run-ins with the law, and was one of FIVE freshman running backs that Iowa State signed in 2004 stepped in.

Not only did Coleman fumble in the end zone, but Jason Harris, another running back, also fumbled twice and Iowa State pissed this one down their leg, as we all know they do so well.

Final Score: ISU 13, Baylor 23, and the Bears won their first ever road game in the conference.