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The Mid-Morning Dump: Media Day on Tuesday

Oh, and the Bears and Ravens played yesterday.


MEDIA DAY. Is scheduled for Tuesday. if you have any questions, tweet me @Jar_Lar, or comment them.

SKILL TEST. Our soccer team took part in a skills test to open up practice. They also had a bags/cornhole championship.

CLEAR BAGS ONLY. Iowa State Athletics has implemented a clear bag policy.

HALL OF FAME GAME. Football, unlike Texas, is the one sure thing that is back every year.

URBAN MEYER OR URBAN LIAR? Ohio State has been in the news lately, will Urban remain HC?

GAME 7 WORLD SERIES, PLEASE. The Fall Classic’s game 7 is scheduled on a v spooky Halloween.

KAP BLURRED FROM MADDEN SONGS? I don’t get it either.