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Tailgate Preview: The Jackwabbits

Are things going to be wet or nah?

Football season is once again upon us! Everyone Cyclone fan near and far is chomping at the bit to get to Ames for some good ol’ fashioned tailgating fun. Our friends, the South Dakota State Jackwabbits, are coming into Ames for some tailgating and football on Saturday and it’s sure setting up to be a fine evening.

Don’t forget that WRNL will be broadcasting live at 3pm on Saturday from lot G7! This will be the first ever episode of Wide Right & Natty Live!, so come on by, have a beer, and just maybe we may have one of you on the show!

Let’s dive into Saturday, shall we?

Weather: Wet

Unfortunately, things are looking pretty soggy out there. Friday there is some expected rain in Ames through the night. Totals look as if they may be over an inch. Which is certainly bound to make the tailgate lots a little messy. Then, through the day on Saturday, there may be some scattered thunderstorms lingering around. Let’s cross our fingers for no lightning, and that we don’t have to delay anything. Temperatures appear to be set for a high of 82 and around kick-off time in the upper 70’s. At least temperatures are working in our favor for Saturday.

Food: Burgers

I had to do this, as our friend Bret on Twitter is apparently going to smoke some duck for the first game (according to his Twitter). While we admire his conviction, and need to have smoked duck, that may be up the SDSU fans’ alley. So, Bret, you may have a bunch more Jackwabbit fans by the end of the day! We are much more inclined to have some fresh Iowa beef for the first game. I am fairly certain the last two seasons I have chosen burgers for the first game. Might as well make it three years in a row.

Drink: Beer

Hey, did you hear? Busch Light is now named Busch Latte’, which is lovely in all aspects. Though we don’t care too much, we are a Natty Light group here at Wide Right & Natty Light. So with that said, first game of the year we are going to roll out with some cold ones! Everyone loves beer and we are certain our friends from South Dakota do as well. We might as well make this easy on everyone and grab a truck load of Natty Light and have a great time!

Game: Bags

I need to address something here for game of the week. Earlier this week, a tweet went out and you had to favorite or retweet it depending on what you call it.

What the heck is wrong with 22,000 people? Obviously it’s bags, and should be recognized as such. Anyways, our game of the week is bags. Great summertime game, and since we are still grasping on to warmer temps and beer continues to flow, the time is better than ever. Might as well toss this sucker in to raise the standard of your tailgate. Though, if you end up losing on Saturday you have to shotgun a nice cold Natty Light. Enjoy!

Song: Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer

Only this just because we like our beer and that’s our drink this week. So game on!