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The WRNL Xbox One Madden League is Back!

Sign up will close on Wednesday, August 15th.

With the upcoming release of Madden 19 on Friday, August 10th, we’re excited to announce that we are bringing back the Xbox One Madden Franchise! We had a ton of fun with it this past spring, when 12 teams fought for the Super Bowl title. We saw amazing highlights and ridiculous stats, and found out that we all pretty much suck at Madden.

We’re starting the league right away this year, so we’re going to try to play as many seasons as we can. If all goes well, we could complete almost three full seasons by the end of the calendar year. This means players will have the opportunity to develop and draft young players over multiple years.

Sign up will close on Wednesday, August 15th, with the first week of the regular season being open for play on Thursday, August 16th. The first week of play will stay open for an entire week to allow ample time for everyone to purchase the game and get set up in the league, unless everyone in the league is already ready to advance by the Sunday cutoff time.

For a refresher, here’s the general format of the league:


  • All-Pro difficulty (unless league unanimously votes to switch to All-Madden)
  • Injury frequency and severity will be reduced. Nobody wants someone to get hosed because their star quarterback went down with a torn ACL in Week 1.
  • Weeks will be advanced every Thursday and Sunday at 10:00 PM (2 Madden weeks per calendar week). Any unplayed games will be simulated.
  • Each player will create an owner from scratch. No coaches or individual players will be allowed.
  • League rosters will be generated via most current roster update. If more than half of players propose a fantasy draft format, the league will use a fantasy draft.
  • After players have registered (one for each team), the master Google Doc spreadsheet containing gamertags and contact info will be sent to all players.
  • Teams will be assigned on a first come-first serve basis. If neither of a player’s first two team choices are available, Levi will contact them regarding which team they will be using.
  • Players should contact their opponent to set up a time to play via the email listed, or by direct message on Xbox.

***Please look ahead to your next few opponents and begin scheduling games as early as possible to avoid last-minute headaches.***


  • If a game is unplayed prior to the deadline, and a player provides proof of a legitimate attempt to contact the other player in their matchup to set up at a game time, a win will be awarded to that the player, depending on circumstances.
  • Any player caught cheating or tampering in any way will be immediately dismissed from the league.
  • Any disputes, scheduling conflicts, rules conflicts/change suggestions, etc. should be directed to Levi. Any decision made will be fair and final.