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100 Things Cyclone Fans Need To Forget Before They Die: New Football Uniform Leaks

You have to be a special kind of person to ruin something awesome.

The new uniforms for Iowa State had been a big talking point this summer for Cyclone fans. Since the beginning of last season when the jerseys were first hinted at, fans wondered what the new uniforms would look like. How would they reveal the new uniforms? Would the knockoff USC look be finally gone?

The uniforms are now out, but they probably weren’t released how Matt Campbell envisioned. Enter in Hawkeye fan, Quinn Douglas.

Quinn, whom apparently has a friend who had access to the new jerseys, received a photo of them before they were even released. He also thought it would be a great idea to leak the photo on his Twitter account for all to see. Though the reach of the fans seeing this tweet may have been small, it did indeed spread like wildfire on the CycloneFanatic forums. We can only imagine the anger from Matt Campbell.

Though we should be glad the new uniforms are here, knowing Matt Campbell, he more than likely had another vision in mind for releasing these bad boys. Campbell ultimately released the uniforms the next day and all is well now. So while we enjoy seeing the new threads, we should forget how the whole deal went down.

So thank you Quinn Douglas, for ruining something that could have been an epic reveal and we hope you didn’t get your friend in too much of trouble at work.