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The Mid-Morning Dump: You Are Tearing Me Apart, Cyclones!

Iowa State traveled to Iowa City but stayed in The Room.

THE DISASTER A recap of the loss you probably don’t want to revisit.

ARTIST Our own Jared Larson took some sick photos on Saturday.

A DOZEN RED ROSES Freshman Mike Rose stuck out on the defense.

DON’T TOUCH ME MOTHA****ER Kyle Kempt went down with a knee injury.

THEY DID NAAAAT Texas A&M nearly pulled off the upset over Clemson.

CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP Georgia destroyed the Gamecocks 41-17.

STOP GANGING UP ON ME Mississippi State went into Manhattan and embarrassed K-State.

OH HAI RANDALL The Packers came back in thrilling fashion.

IN TUXES? There was a lot of football played this weekend, but not in tuxes. Here are some other results.