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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Kyler Murray Hype Machine

Name the band.

ATOMIC PUNK The Kyler Murray hype train has been spinning out of control. Is he for real?

ICE CREAM MAN Zeb Noland is ready for his second career start if Kyle Kempt can’t go this weekend.

BOTTOMS UP! In case you hadn’t heard, Jamie Pollard scheduled Incarnate Word for December 1st as a makeup for the cancelled SDSU game. We get an 8th tailgate this season!

RUNNIN’ WITH THE DEVIL Levi jumped on the Crimson & Cream Machine’s podcast last night to talk about this weekend’s matchup with the Sooners.

YOU’RE NO GOOD Apple is releasing an augmented reality basketball training app, and Steve Nash is endorsing it. The odds of this improving my jumper are still 0%.

HANG ‘EM HIGH The jumbotron at George Washington University literally fell from the ceiling.

LOSS OF CONTROL Tennis umpires are reportedly considering boycotting officiating Serena Williams’ tennis matches.

I’M THE ONE The Seattle Storm are WNBA Champions.