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Tailgate Preview: Oklahoma

Boom the Sooners!

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Some great news on the tailgating front of things. We now will have our first ever 8th tailgate of the season! Incarnate Word will be in Ames on December 1st for the makeup game and we will be able to get messed up once more! It may be a bit chilly, but who cares!

Anyways, on to this week. Oklahoma comes to town and our first morning tailgate is going to be a doozy! Let’s dive in!

Weather: Warm and Sunny

What the heck happened to the great fall weather we were having? IT’S GONE! Saturday is going to be a quick run back to summer time. The high for the day is going to be 87 degrees and sunny. So, by game time we will all be in our seats sweating like a bunch of fat kids chasing a cake. Layer on the extra deodorant people, we don’t want to be smelling your stench the entire game.

Food: Breakfast Burritos

First morning tailgate of the year. No one is truly going to be ready for this at all. Let’s be honest. So get the grill out, bring some eggs, sausage and other goodies and whip up some good ol’ fashion breakfast burritos. This way you can get done cooking quicker and get back to the booze!

Drink: Bloody Mary

I don’t personally like bloody marys, but it seems to be a popular drink for these types of tailgates. I’d rather just take the entire bottle of vodka and drink that straight. Anyways, here are a few recipes that you can whip up and get messed up on Saturday morning.

Game: Ladder Toss

Ladder toss has become more and more popular as the years go on. It definitely has become one of those games that has been a frequent visitor in Ames for tailgating.

Each rung has a different point value (usually 1, 2 and 3 from top to bottom). The awesome thing about ladder toss is that you can play either offensively by aiming to get the highest points in a round or defensively by knocking your opponent’s bolas off the ladder. The first to 21 points is the winner. The loser must have some vodka!

Song: Pour Some Sugar On Me