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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hurricanes and Waffle House

Oh and there’s football tomorrow.

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UPDATED DEPTH SHART. Take a look at the depth chart for the Oklahoma game, even though nothing has really changed.

ALTHON PREVIEW. Hint - They really don’t like Iowa State’s chances.

JP MONEYBAGS INSIDER. Uncle Randy takes us inside the search for a 12th opponent, expect a 30:30 announcement any day now.

CROOTS. Iowa State landed a commitment from Texas safety Virdel Edwards yesterday.

CAN A HURRICANE BE FAKE NEWS? Because we were promised a category 4 or 5 hurricane, and (thankfully) got a category 1 instead.

HURRICANE LIVE. This isn’t as good as the flag cam, but it’s still worth tracking.

THE WAFFLE HOUSE INDEX. This is maybe one of the cooler stories you’ll read all year - FEMA uses Waffle House to assess local damage caused by hurricanes.

TREVOR IS THE STORY. The Rockies’ Trevor Story is pushing loudmouth punk Javier Baez in the NL MVP race.

CINCINNATI BENGALS: BACK. A dominating performance against the Ravens last night ensures Marvin Lewis will be coaching the Bengals until he dies.

DAN LE BATARD DRAMA. ESPN’s host of HQ and the Dan Le Batard Show (Dan Le Batard) had his secret engagement outed by close friend Greg Cote via a Miami World Herald article, which he found out about while on the air.

HURRIFOOTBALL. SB Nation has been tracking how college football has been impacted by Hurricane Florence.

ARIZONA STATE IS LAUGHING AT EVERYONE. Herm Edwards seemed doomed to fail at Arizona State, but at the moment he is actually not failing.

TCU BILLBOARD PRANKSTERS SPEAK OUT. Horned Frog fans have spilled the beans about the time they paid for 20 billboards congratulating TCU on winning the Rose Bowl to be put up in Columbus, Ohio.

SECOND BIGGEST GAME OF THE WEEKEND. Is LSU vs Auburn. And here are the 10 weirdest games from this awesome rivalry.


PRIMETIME WEEKEND FOR THE BIG 12. The Big 12 has a chance to silence their doubters with strong play in prime spots this weekend.