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This Week in GIFs: Oklahoma

Improvement was evident as the Cyclones fell to the Sooners on Saturday

Oklahoma v Iowa State

Starting Big 12 play with Oklahoma before having to play 3 more ranked Big 12 teams in 4 weeks sure is nice.

Be honest, didn’t we all think Iowa State would be screwed without Kyle Kempt before remembering a backup QB beat them last year?

Iowa State marched into Oklahoma territory, only to come up short on fourth down.

In the blink of an eye, it was 10-0 Oklahoma.

But then Connor Assalley made a field goal!

And Hakeem Butler fought off tackles from the entire OU defense en-route to the end zone.

All off a sudden, the game was tied.

And then it wasn’t tied, as Kyler Murray led the Sooners on two touchdown drives before halftime.

Literally anyone or anything would have tackled better than Iowa State in that half.

Hakeem Butler would pull the Cyclones within 7 on another 50+ yard pass.

From there, all the Cyclones could do was trade scores back and forth with the Sooners.

While coming up short on 1st and goal from the 6 and a Noland under-throw of Landon Akers didn’t help things...

Kyler Murray and the Sooners are just really good at football.

But hey, Zeb Noland had some awesome moments, and the dude has a cannon for an arm.

Marcelias Sutton jumping over Brian Peavy was pretty cool.

But so was Mike Rose making him pay for such a foolish decision.

Hakeem Butler racking up 170 yards and 2 touchdowns on 5 catches had us all very, very excited.

Until Skip Bayless Tweeted about him going to the NFL.

Hey, at least Iowa State finally gets an easy game against a team that... just knocked off a Big 10 team on the road.