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The Mid-Morning Dump: Testing the Culture

Name the band.

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FOREVER YELLOW SKIES Yesterday, a vigil for Celia was held on central campus for friends, family, and the ISU community to remember her.

LINGER How Matt Eaton has become Mr. Reliable for the the Cyclones.

LOUD AND CLEAR Akron will be another test of the Cyclones’ culture change.

DREAMS Hakeem Butler has stood out so far, and is well on his way to learning how to become “the man” on offense.

ZOMBIE Jon Jones will be eligible to return to the UFC in October after arbitration in his USADA case.

ANIMAL INSTINCT The Colorado mascot shot himself in the nuts with a t-shirt cannon.

SORRY SON Mark Cuban will donate $10 million in the wake of an investigation into allegations of sexual assault within the Mavericks organization.

NO NEED TO ARGUE Cristiano Ronaldo was given the first red card of his Champions League career, albeit in questionable fashion, and he predictably was not happy about it.

HOLLYWOOD Maroon 5 will be playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show in February.