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The Wide Right & Natty Litecast: Episode 2

The Incarnate Word is that we are BACK.

Texas: Back?

Kansas: Back.

Wide Right & Natty Litecast: BACK!

After a few weeks worth of technical difficulties, we have found a new format to bring you all #content. This podcast comes to you from the Anchor app, which I highly recommend you download.

On today’s podcast, Levi, jwillyISU and I discuss the gift of a game that could be the Akron Zips and how to prepare for a team like Akron between Big 12 opponents.

We also discuss whether or not Scott’s seat is “Frosty” in Lincoln, and talk about just how bad last weekend was for the Big 10 and for NFL kickers.

Be sure to stop by lot G7 again tomorrow morning to catch the next installment of Wide Right & Natty Live! There will be beer, possibly food, and probably koozies. There will, without a doubt, be tomfoolery.