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Three Things We Learned: Akron

We have some things to iron out.

NCAA Football: Akron at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Well, a win is a win. So they say. Iowa State got their first win of the season but for the most part it was a sloppy, grind-it-out type of win. I, for one, am fine with it, but there is certainly a lot more out there that this Cyclone football team has. Let’s see what three things we learned on Saturday afternoon against Akron.

The Cyclones Slept On Offense

Iowa State was not sharp offensively. The Cyclones scored 26 points while tallying 356 yards of total offense. To some that may seem like a good afternoon. The play calling seemed rather suspect, and the offensive line took a step backwards from their performance against Oklahoma, leaving the fans wanting more.

This was a type of game that could let Iowa State iron out everything offensively. Give the offensive line more time to gel, and get things moving forward. Instead, we’re left wondering: how can they possibly keep up with TCU’s offensive explosion? We’ll see what Matt Campbell changes up next week.

Greg Eisworth Turing Into A Star

Minus a botched tackle against Oklahoma, Greg Eisworth is turning heads. I am fully becoming a believer in what he brings to Iowa State’s defense. For the second Saturday in a row, Eisworth led Iowa State in tackles, lining up at multiple spots on the field. The way he flies to the football and diagnoses plays as they happen is certainly fun to watch. He also recorded a team-high three pass deflections. In a position that Iowa State was worried about coming into the season, Eisworth has proved to ease those concerns.

David Montgomery Is Dinged Up

For a person who battles off as many tackles as David Montgomery, it’s amazing how his health has stayed in tact during his time at Iowa State. Saturday, Montgomery seemed to be off the field more than he was on it. He’s a bit dinged up, and it showed as he came to the sidelines each time in the second half. It remains to be seen how this may affect his availability going forward, but one can hope it is nothing too serious.