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This Week in GIFs: Akron

We won a game!

Akron v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Iowa State returned to Jack Trice Stadium looking to Zip up a pesky Akron squad.

Fans were a little nervous, as Akron had just beaten perennial Big 10 power Northwestern in Evanston.

It was an emotional day for all, as the Cyclones honored Celia Barquin Arozamena.

The game started poorly, with Akron moving the ball and De’Monte Ruth committing a dumb penalty.

But then Braxton Lewis intercepted a horribly inaccurate Kato Nelson pass!

All of us felt a little nervous when Akron stuck first, going up 7-0.

But the score was evened thanks to Hakeem Butler and his super-human leaping abilities.

Both punts and field goals were traded in an excruciatingly boring fashion.

Thankfully, we got a touchdown before halftime, thanks to a daring 4th down conversion and David Montgomery deep-freezing a few defenders.

David was amazing all game long, refusing to go down en route to 100 yard performance.

The second half was filled with nice defensive play, punts, and a lack of offensive identity.

To make things worse, Tarique Milton and Sheldon Croney had two really bad fumbles.

Hakeem Butler, Zeb Noland, and David Montgomery all played fine.

And the defense played pretty well in the second half.

The offense had better find an identity sometime in the next few weeks, though.

Because while Butt Boulevard has been great thus far... Come on, we’re Iowa State.

But hey, the Cyclones are in the win column. Let’s go take care of the Frogs on Saturday.